Friday, December 5, 2014

I will not bid Goodbye

I fish about for a memory, A song, a moment, a story.
Instead, though, I find,
A place inside my mind,
A time from not very long ago,
With moments that are still aglow.
A world that was my very own,
With simple seeds of a future sown,
It was my very own Central Perk,
A place that let me enjoy many a quirk,
It was my very own Mac Larens,
A place with blessings from the Herons.
With Peace and Stardust, and tonnes of joy,
Things that no one can even try to destroy.
There will come a time when they tell my tale,
And pause they will when they come to hail,
This milestone in my journey that started with you,
This milestone in my journey that will always be true.
This little world of comfort that we built together,
Will remain happy as always, as light as a feather.
These things, forever, will never be forgotten,
For this was happiness out of happiness begotten.