Friday, March 7, 2014

Happy Birthday, you :)

So... you're wondering what this is all about.... Making that face until you remember that it's your birthday today! 

True, you just want to sleep right now... 

And that I will sing you Happy birthday until you wind up like this grumpy here. 

But seriously, I'm nice like that and I'll get you cake that you'll like. Well... I hope! 

So where was I? Ah yeah. It's your birthday today! 

And you're bloody awesome. Mad. Funny. Insane. Super Sweet. 

Okay boring. I'm not up to praising you so much. 

YES I so hear you still saying this..... 

We'll get you to nap, okay? Just after this is done. And then you can sleep until wind up saying *just* this. 

So, like I was saying, You are my best friend :) 

And I gotta say, I got super lucky to have you as my friend. 

You deserve a hug. 

For wearing a saree like a pro. Yo. 

For telling me this whenever I need to hear it most.

For letting me be weird

On June 15, 2013, when I first met you, I thought to myself...

And with every passing conversation, we went one step closer to finally landing up here: 

Well, you're stuck, there's no setting you free from this trap, now ;) 

You've got my back a lot of times.... 

And you're really the best. :) *hug* 

Well, dawg. We got dat Swag.