Friday, December 13, 2013

Happy Birthday to me!

So I turn 26 on the 15th....

And this past year has been quite a transformation......

I was a complete basket-case at the beginning of the year.... 

And I still am :) Teehee! 
Just that I've had a few upgrades and new apps and all that jazz.

So, like I was telling you, not much has changed. I was always a bibliophile....

But seldom had anyone to share my (un)wise thoughts on what I read. Except, of course, my notebooks.

And then I found a bunch of lovely loons who felt just like I did when it came to reading...

But sometimes, we cut routes and read Wikipedia blurbs and pretended to know a lot.

One would think turning older might make me be more sensible about my choices...


Actually, naaaaaah. 


Instead, I've wound up being a pain in my mum's neck. Too many teas and coffees in a day!

Jokes apart, it was also a bit of a tough year in parts. 


Dealing with idiots and stalkers and trolls..... 

But it's all about letting the right people into your life, right? So I just went ahead and became the boss! 

And then by some strange stroke of luck, I wrote a book and it got published! 

And then came three very sad moments. Losing my grandmum who is a piece of my heart and two little girls I love very much. 

Still not over it all, though. 

So I'm holding onto good memories, though sometimes it gets really tough.

But healing takes time, doesn't it?

Thankfully, I have awesome family and friends that help me get by. 
We all belong to the loony-bin, really. The same one, at that. 

And then, I found my best-est-est friend ever.

And remained as deranged as always with my soul sisters from all over the world

They taught me a lot this year, my crazies. 

And I'm still learning, being a klutz sometimes, of course. 

They're always my amazing support system. Even if I'm coming last in the race.
Well. At least I'm coming first from the end! 

And they deal with all my ridiculousness. Sometimes looking strikingly like this:

Maybe you think this post is a little Emo. Ah well....... 

Because at the end of the day, when you know that you're looking out into the audience of your life for those few faces that show you they care for you, no matter what?

Yeap. That Awesome Feeling. It's priceless. 

On the face of it now, I'll act all Oscar-Speech-y and say ....

But really out here? This is what I'm doing with my crazies. 

Life's short, pal. Live it up. :) 

And don't forget to SMILE!

Even if it means you look like you're going to kill Batman!