Monday, September 16, 2013


Sometimes, your mind speeds head of you. That’s what’s amazing about a thought: it travels faster than light, it is intangible, and it is so powerful. And that’s baffling, as amazing as it is. It’s amazing that a new born baby is a blank slate that will soon become a whirling vortex of thoughts. It’s amazing that a torrential downpour of these thoughts become nothing, one with a strange stillness that death brings to existence.

This morning I had a conversation with a friend who often calls me a “Last Smiley Freak”. Mostly because it appears that I have to end every conversation with a smiley – and until I did that, my conversations were never “over”. Interesting observation, I realised - it was jocular, of course, only just an exchange in jest. But it got me thinking.

At any given time, you have just now in your hands. Anything can happen in life. You’re here today, gone tomorrow. If you think, act. If you want, take. If you need, make the effort. If you love, show it. If you care, spell it. If you believe, live it. Seize the moment – it’s all you have, and all you will ever have. Time.

And that’s where the answer to my need to smile at the end of every conversation is – whether on an instant 
messaging service or via a text message or even in person. 


Because anything can happen at any time, I want my last message to anyone to be a warm-hearted smile. Deep down, whether I admit it or not, I realize that I live life with the knowledge that anything can happen at any time, and that one is not at liberty to choose their last words. So at the end of every conversation, I smile, or at least try to.

Because if for whatever reason it is that I'm done and need to walk out of the departure lounge, today or tomorrow, the last memory that I will have given you is that I smiled at you with all my heart and love.