Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I catch falling stars. And never let them fade.

How easily we go through life, forgetting the most important things while blurring through at breakneck speed. And yet, as we race past, Life has a way of unfolding itself before us - in ways that we least expect. 

Crests, troughs, sunrise, sunset. 
Smiles, tears, anger, fist fights. 
Fierceness, protection, fear, a fighting spirit.
Emotions. And plenty of it. 

To say I am thankful to all the new that has been born out of the ashes of the old in my life is saying too little. 
To say I am a new person, with a strong foundation of the best people that make my family and friends is saying the obvious. 
To say I have learned the most important lesson of my life is saying exactly what I should. 

And that lesson, simply, is to let go and to accept the goodness that comes to you in life in the form of unconditional love: whether it is lying down with your head on your grandmother’s lap or in reminiscing of times past with your family, whether it is in a simple greeting at the start of a new day, or in a kind word that asks after your well-being; whether it is a timely intervention by someone who cares when you're headed down the wrong route of self-doubt or a simple gift however symbolic. Love is that little draft of air when you open the door in a stuffy room. Love is the wind in your face when you're riding against it. Love is the crease in your shirt as it preserves itself when folded. Love is your mother's cooking, a hot meal made with a special ingredient that only a mother can have. Love is your brother's hand on your head, telling you that he is always there for you. Love is your sister's hug - a hug that holds within a lifetime of stories. Love is a kiss on the forehead from a trusted friend. Love is the smell of your mother’s cupboard. Love is a tight squeeze of the hand to reinstate faith in you and in your capacity to just be. Love is coming home after a long, long journey, to find that your own has never abandoned you. Love is to Breathe. Love is to Live. Love is, to be.

As I write this, I see my grandmother curled on the bed, her head on my mother's lap - who herself has her head on a reclined pillow, settled into sleep even while sitting. As their gentle breathing fills the air, I listen. I watch them and learn. 

I learn that it doesn't matter who or where you are, what you do or how you look, how connected you are or how much you earn. 

If you have one soul to love you, and you could love just one soul back with as much - you are the richest person on the planet. 

I'm rich, very rich, when it comes down to this. 
I catch falling stars and put them in my pocket, and never let them fade away.

P.S: Everyone that's concerned with this post knows that they're mentioned here. You've been inner-circled.